Sarah Harding touches the Sony Xperia Z2

The Sony Xperia Z2, it’s treats!, err uhh, it’s a threat, to DJs. Sarah Harding (no not Tanya Harding), mainly known as a hot model, and actor, and for musical contributions with the English band Girls Aloud, is no stranger to giving a good performance, although at this Sony promotional event in London for the Xperia Z2,  Sarah Harding (as a DJ) has some tough competition.

Sarah Harding Sony Xperia Z2 London 54

Paris Hilton as a DJ is right off effected by such a device in contrast and comparison, however what of the fact that the Sony Xperia Z2 wants to connect with an unlimited supply of songs, via satellite, for only $9.99.mth? Requests? Just walk up and punch it in on the attached keypad. Afraid you’ll loose signal to the music uplink? Buy the redundant system upgrades.

Drinks? Visit one of the many various fully stocked dispensers along the far wall there. Getting Sarah Harding’s actual cellphone number with she anxiously awaiting your call?, up to you. Other than that, wonder the club grounds that are as big as a Costco (or maybe you prefer your woman more like a rhyme for reason Best Buy (that model over half the overhead per franchise) with the mix sync-changing from area to area. Impulse shop too while your at it, with exclusive (expensive) products featured in select VIP areas.

Sarah Harding Sony Xperia Z2 London Sarah Harding Sony Xperia Z2 London 98765465 Sarah Harding Sony Xperia Z2 London 987454

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