Sad looking Selena Gomez flied to Atlanta after Weeknd’s Paris gig

Selena Gomez has been on tour with The Weeknd for quite a few of his tour dates recently, however she has now all of a sudden flown off to Atlanta Georgia and doesn’t look happy.

Selena, as well as The Weeknd’s ex-girlfriend fashion model Bella Hadid, were both in the crowd for The Weeknd’s music performance following the H&M Studio fashion show in Paris (were reportedly Bella Hadid fell on the runway yet once again).

Sources confirm however that Bella Hadid was in high spirits, dancing and exuding a positive fun vibe while watching The Weeknd’s H&M concert.

Does that mean ‘Main b**ch Selena, side b**ch Bella? What a ‘muthaf**kin’ starboy’. LOL. Currently there are no official reports that Selena Gomez and The Weeknd are’t still dating. Celebrity Gossip