Rumors confirmed? Julia Roberts won’t let parking attendants make eye contact with her

Rumors that Julia Roberts refuses to allow parking attendants to make eye contact with her might have possibly just been confirmed. Recent camera footage shows that in fact Julia Roberts’ parking attendant while Julia was out and about in Malibu, might of been abiding by Julia Roberts’ rumored ‘no eye contact by parking attendants’ rule.


It’s not known if in fact this rule is only something that applies to parking attendants, however it might however confirm what were previously merely rumors in regards.


Sheeh Julie Roberts (you aka Pretty Woman prostitute)! Do they at least get better tips for such treatment? Soo harsh.

the-rumors-might-be-confirmed-julia-roberts-wont-let-parking-attendants-make-eye-contact-with-her-1the-rumors-might-be-confirmed-julia-roberts-wont-let-parking-attendants-make-eye-contact-with-her-4 Celebrity Gossip