Rihanna wears a dress that was made from metallic windshield cover

Does this mean that Rihanna would be willing to lay on your dashboard, so the inside of you’re car doesn’t get hot while you go grocery shopping? Kinda seems promising. Or actually it kinds SEAMS like Rihanna‘s dress is SEEEWWW made from metallic windshield covers.


This might be innovative in a Pep Boys chic kinda way, however now what are you gonna do about not having a windshield sun cover? If metallic windshield cover dresses (MWCS) create a shortage of metallic windshield covers, it would definitely make people not get leather seats when buying a car (that is unless you can get someone who’s wearing MWCS clothing to lay on your dash board, and in that respect, MWCS clothing could create more jobs for Americans.


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