Rihanna sports her own Fenty x Puma fashion line while out and about in New York

For some it’s not enough to simply design as fashion line, you of course have to wear it yourself also (pretty much the point you might say). Rihanna was seen doing just that recently just after her Fenty x Puma fashion show during New York Fashion Week 2017.

Sporting some of the bright electric colors of Fenty x Puma 2017, as if you would miss her if you saw her usually anyways, there was no doubt your could maybe even if you were blind as she was recently out and about in New York.

Although most of Rhinna’s Fenty x Puma collection is not cheap (like for instance the Fenty x Puma jacquard active jumpsuit is nearly $2000), she still found a way to look like a million bucks wearing it herself.

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