Rihanna seen cozying up with Saudi Arabian heir to $1.5 billion Toyota fortune

Rihanna isn’t seen with too many guys it seems. There were rumors that she made out with Leonardo DiCaprio at a club, and she dated Drake for awhile last year, but other than that Rihanna’s celebmantic life is either secretive most of the time in the past few years, or maybe just selective.

Looks like she’s found one that shes likes again though, Hassan Jameel, a 29-year-old Saudi Arabian businessman and heir to a $1.5 billion fortune that includes exclusive distribution rights for Toyota in Saudi Arabia.

Rihanna was recently seen with her new beau while on vacation in the rich and famous hot spot Ibiza Spain, and it’s safe to say the two of them are hitting off together. No official PDA out & about photos have surfaced as of yet, so it’s not yet confirmed how serious their relation will get, however they are officially dating looks like.

No new music as of yet from Rihanna, however Rihanna fans can for sure catch her in Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets in theaters July 21 2017.

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