Rapper Jay-Z is a poet (who would of ever thought) 

As you might of guessed, Jay-Z is a poet and he knows it. Recently posted on the Budweiser YouTube channel, Jay-Z exemplifies his poetry skills without beats or music for a new short titled “Dream. On.”. “Dream. On.” is set to play before Jay-Z’s upcoming set at the 2017 Made in America Festival (September 2nd and 3rd in Philadelphia), and is obviously sponsored by The King Of Beers, Budweiser.

“Dream. On.” depicts the room of the young Jay-Z in Brooklyn New York where Jay first started honing his poetry writing and rapping skills as a boy.

To catch more of Jay-Z, be sure to get his latest record 4:44, and of course better yet catch him live in Philadelphia at the Made in America Festival, also featuring other great artists like The Chainsmokers, J.Cole, and Run The Jewels.

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