Publicity scheme or fashion statement, Vince Vaughn has bicked his head totally bald

Whatever the reason (maybe he actually has gone bald), Vince Vaughn has bicked his head. It’s probably accurate however to speculate that it’s for his role in the movie Brawl in Cell Block 99 that is currently in pre-production …


… and not that he has cancer and is undergoing chemotherapy. Definitely a different look for Vince, and it kinda looks like might be related to Lex Luthor.

publicity-scheme-or-fashion-statement-vince-vaughn-has-bicked-his-head-totally-bald-6 publicity-scheme-or-fashion-statement-vince-vaughn-has-bicked-his-head-totally-bald-5 publicity-scheme-or-fashion-statement-vince-vaughn-has-bicked-his-head-totally-bald-4 Celebrity Gossip