Pregnant Mila Kunis obviously does not take slack from a policeman

Is Mila Kunis a ‘Bad Mom’ even while she has a bun in the oven? Recently seen out and about in Beverly Hills, Bad Moms star Mila Kunis was apprehending for a crime she obviously felt that she didn’t commit, or maybe she was just trying to use some of that good ‘ol celebrity influence to get out of a traffic ticket (obviously for car insurance premium reasons).


Although it was pretty obvious that Mila did her best to present her case to a Beverly Hills policeman, it would appear that their might of been a 40/60 chance she was getting out of a ticket.

pregnant-mila-kunis-obviously-does-not-take-slack-from-a-policeman-1 pregnant-mila-kunis-obviously-does-not-take-slack-from-a-policeman-2 pregnant-mila-kunis-obviously-does-not-take-slack-from-a-policeman-4 pregnant-mila-kunis-obviously-does-not-take-slack-from-a-policeman-5 Celebrity Gossip