Orlando Bloom rumored to be 100% ready for marriage and offspring with Katy Perry

It’s rumored that Orlando Bloom is ready to be a father again, now with Katy Perry. Katando have been together now for something like a year, and while Orlando Bloom hasn’t official popped the question, it’s a good possibility he and Katy Perry will be going to the chapel in the near future.


Bloom was of course previously married to supermodel Miranda Kerr (who is now engaged to Snapchat’s Evan Spiegel – who’s name yes does rhyme with Smeagol), whom he already has a child with currently. Perry was married previously also, to comedian Russel Brand, and although doesn’t yet have any children of her own from her previous marriage.


Rumor is that Orlando Bloom might of originally got the idea to impregnate Katy Perry while they were on vacation on the coast of Italy, where Bloom was seen feeling Katy Perry up near a pregnant lady, this soon after or just before he decided to take his pants off.


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