Orlando Bloom has gone back to brown hair, Katy now blonde instead

Orlando Bloom was recently blonde as of a few weeks ago (somewhat resembling a short hair Legolas), and it looks like it was only a quick phase although, and he’s already back to his natural hair color again.

Seen recently arriving back from his trip to Africa for UNICEF, Bloom has for sure ditched the blonde hair do, but definitely not his girlfriend Katy Perry, who has instead recently adapted bleach blonde hair to her new look instead.

The couple only briefly overlapped their matching blonde hairdos although, and now Katy has exclusively claimed it looks like.

Rather than being a style choice however, Orlando’s blonde hair was actually a prerequisite for his upcoming movie Smart Chase: Fire & Earth, and presumably Andy Samberg’s HBO mockumentry 

Tour De Pharmacy that Orlando filmed around the same time (not that he couldn’t of worn a wig, Legolas wore a wig and still looked cool).

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