Originally exclusive to only Tidal, Jay-Z’s ‘4:44’ is now downloading & streaming everywhere but Spotify

It’s possible that Jay-Z thinks that from a marketing standpoint that Spotify might actually be Spot iffy, because he’s decided not allow people to stream his new album 4:44 (now featuring a bonus track where Jay-Z’s daughter Ivy Park raps) via Spotify. You can however stream 4:44 just about everywhere else (for instance Tidal, Apple Music, Amazon Music Unlimited), and of course download it on iTunes.

Back in April of 2017, Jay-Z removed his entire catalog from Spotify, so it’s really not a surprise to Jay-Z fans that 4:44 isn’t available on Spotify either, and obviously none of his future music will be either by that looks of things. Jay-Z is one of the first popular artists to make his music unattainable by the Spotify service.

This is probably because of Spotify’s past practice of making all its music available to both its free users and paying subscribers (causing Taylor Swift to Adele to opt out of the service previously for new albums), however Universal Music’s latest negotiations with Spotify this past April …

… whereby artists could restrict music to Spotify’s premium tier. This however has didn’t make a difference to Jay-Z obviously, as he owns a streaming service of his own (Tidal) although it’s 3 million active users are nothing in comparison to Spotify’s 140 million active users.

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