Ooops! Both Jennifer Lawrence and Emily Ratajkowski have slips of the nipular region in Paris during fashion week 2017

Recently during each of their visits to Paris during Paris fashion week 2017, not only did Jennifer Lawrence and Emily Ratajkowski show off their keen sense of fashion, they both also showed a little more than they meant to in terms of nipular region wardrobe malfunctions.

Jennifer Lawrence’s nip slip happened while she was out and about sight-seeing, making a visit to the must see tourist destination Chateau de Versailles, and well partial Jennifer Lawrence areola decided it must be seen too, peaking out while Jennifer Lawrence was all smiles and obviously completely unaware of the wardrobe malfunction naughtiness.

Emily Ratajkowski’s nipular region wardrobe malfunction occurred while she was at Dior’s 70th Anniversary exhibition at the Les Arts Décoratifs museum. While it was nothing although that Emily Ratajkowski had given a full spectacle of many time previously …

… nipular region decided to say hello anyways, not once but twice. So yes Jennifer Lawrence and Emily Ratajkowski’s nipular region made somewhat of an attempt at somewhat of a burlesque show, and well at least they did so in the place that kind of thing originates from. Celebrity Gossip