Oliva Munn nearly has a wardrobe malfunction out in New York

Office Christmas Party star Oliva Munn was recently seen out and about in New York wearing a plunging dress that nearly sent one of her boobs into plain sight. While this wouldn’t be the first celebrity wardrobe malfunction by far, it would be the first for Olivia Munn.

Although there is probably a big percentage of Oliva Munn fans that are extremely disappointed that she didn’t have a wardrobe malfunction, hey at lest she nearly had a wardrobe malfunction, and Oliva Munn fans just gotta take whatever they can get.

Munn is set to do the voice of the character Koko in the upcoming Lego Ninja Movie, and is also set to star in another addition to the Predator franchise, The Predator, set to hit theaters Feb 9, 2018. Olivia Munn is of course best known as of yet for her role as Sloan Sabbith in the television show The Newsroom.

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