WTF? Kanye West wants to be an American Rap Idol? Isn't he already?

Here’s a guy that has made sure to exercise his opportunity of freedom of speech, although in a punk rock style kind of way when you least expected it.

That seems to be Kanye West‘s niche (all of a sudden making your eyes and ears his bitch), and once again his plan is to invade your television set – this time it was on American Idol.


Is Kanye West’s surprise American Idol audition actually going to be shown as an audition? Right now it looks like either it’s a commercial from the helm room that is possibly going to be an acceptable audition, and or it was only just another episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Other than that, American Rap Idol is most likely in it’s preliminary stages of production at this very moment. Celebrity Gossip