New Ghostbusters movie basicly made Chris Hemsworth into she-male of sorts

Ghostbusters fans are in high anticipation of the new Ghostbusters reboot, although there is ‘something strange going on’ – they’ve made Chris Hemsworth’s character a combination of original Ghostbusters characters Louis Tully and Janine Melnitz.


Is this their way of kinda making Chris Hemsworth their bitch? Gender bending? Jealousy? It’s not really known, however Chris Hemsworth of course accepted the role regardless because, well, IT’S GHOSTBUSTERS. Although the Ghostbusters reboot most likely promises to be of course not as good as the original Ghostbusters movies, regardless of it’s box office, Ghostbusters will be no match for the eventual Gremlins reboot that Warner Bros. & Amblin have kept locked away for now (a secret weapon that’s sure to terrorize all other movies at the box office, like a class 10 Tobin’s Spirit Guide Elite Edition listed poltergeist).

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