Jake Gyllenhaal has serious angst towards Jon Hamm (celebrity feud)

Sources indicate that Jake Gyllenhaal feels less confident when Jon Hamm is around. The Mad Men actor (aka Don Draper) was on hand recently at the Hollywood Foreign Press Association Grants Banquet in Beverly Hills, and that visibly did not set well with Jake Gyllenhaal, as he took to even glaring at cameras and clinching his fist once he found out that Jon Hamm was anywhere nearby.


The ‘Jake Gyllenhaal obviously feels somewhat inferior to Jon Hamm‘ incident(s), could be considered a celebrity feud of sorts. Sources close the Jake Gyllenhaal confirm that not only does Jake Gyllenhaal always keep a picture of Jon Hamm on the side corner of his dressing room vanity mirror (possibly learned from his recent starring role as a boxer in the Southpaw franchise), Jake Gyllenhaal has also previously gone about trying to make both January Jones and Jessica Pare his girlfriends, as though acting out his own real life Mad Men episodes, he vs. Don Draper.


Hamm although is supposedly completely unaware of the angst that Gyllenhaal has for him, and it’s probably safe to say it wasn’t instigated by him intentionally in any way, although rather a personal issue of some kind, so much that reputable sources reveal that people are having to constantly say to Jake Gyllenhaal, “Jake, is it Jon Hamm again? Damn it! What is it with you and Jon Hamm?! Does Jon Hamm even know you have an issue with him?! And no, Mad Men was not the best soap opera in the history of time!”.

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