is Kanye West inferring you stream record on Tidal?

There are a multitude of people Kanye West fans or not, that have to admit that Kanye West is a great rap music producer, rapper, and even vocalist. Those of they are Kanye West fans previously bought Kanye West’s CDs and or mp3s without question, mainly because they could still buy his music also on CD. CDs and also of course the 24-bit DVD versions of records (sometimes featured as a bonus on the flip-side of CDs) …

Yeah Celeb!  is Kanye West inferring you stream record on Tidal 2

… are of a much better sound quality than mp3s (mp3s being a compressed sound format), so would music lover still not want to buy CDs and DVDs? Well there is one answer that like Napster, once again poses a threat to music sales, and that is the fact that there are high end sound cards or as an alternative low cost software, that enable users to simple record whatever they are listening to on their computers.

Yeah Celeb!  is Kanye West inferring you stream record on Tidal

Music services like Tidal for instance (a hi-definition streaming service that was recently bought by Jay-Z) are prime environments to enable recorded of anything you have streaming, song by song, for $19.99. So it’s really not all too wise for artists to allow their music to be streamed at a higher quality than can be readily available for their music to purchased and downloaded. The smarter thing to do would be to encode a license, similar to that of advanced record engineering software and plug-ins thereof, that would only allow purchased music to be played on set devices that within each users devices. Celebrity Gossip