Gigi Hadid won’t let Joe Jonas out of her sight looks like

Joe Jonas is not about to let his brother Nick Jonas steal all the fame for himself, so he’s obviously decided to make his own new solo album. Then of course he decided to make a video for one of the songs on the record for artistic and promotional reasons, however there’s a catch (double entendre in this instance) – his supermodel girlfriend Gigi Hadid won’t let him out of her site (while obviously refusing the wear make-up in the process).


Earning the name GI Joe from fellow supermodel Cara Delevingne (then Gigi Hadid wearing shirts to confirm the GI Joe nickname for the couple), Gigi Hadid & Joe Jonas have rarely been seen apart for months – and it kinds looks like that might be mainly the doing of Gigi Hadid.


There are lots and lots of options for a musician the likes and image of Joe Jonas, and the prediction is that he’ll soon take heed to his brother Nick Jonas (who ditched former Miss Universe Olivia Culpo) and continue to play that field.

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