Damn it! Beyonce doesn't have wardrobe malfunction @ TIDAL X: 10/20 event

During Beyonce‘s red carpet entrance at the TIDAL X: 10/20 event yesterday, there was for sure something to gawk at (mainly just how hot Beyonce still is! Wow!), however one of those things wasn’t a Beyonce wardrobe malfunction. All kinds of celebs have had wardrobe malfunctions throughout the history of wardrobe malfunctions, why can’t Beyonce join the fun?


It was Beyonce’s effing assistant that wouldn’t at least let Beyonce have even only a really quick nip-slip! Does Beyonce’s effing assistant have a side job at the airport effing frisking people? She’s relentless!


Visibly and vocally disturbed by her assistant basically molesting her, Beyonce tells her assistant to ‘Stop’ (quaintly while still giving that famous smile to the camera). Beyonce’s assistant not only thwarted a nip-slip in the process however, she also probably got fired (as she effing should). Nip-slip! Nip-slip! Be-yon-ce, Nip-slip!


Other than that, Beyonce & Nicki Minaj‘s performance of “Feeling Myself”, was seriously awesome, and the audience went completely wild. Kind of ironic that Beyonce’s assistant had previously been totally feeling Beyonce’s self. Although if Nicki Minaj was Beyonce’s assistant that would be a completely different story.


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