Calvin Harris once again encourages twitter haters (of his self)

While it’s now confirmed that Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift are still going strong (amidst rumors that they were drifting apart), Calvin Harris has once again been involved in a Twitter feud of sorts, this time with fans (not good). In a reply to an article posted by Radar magazine recently, stating that Calvin Harris liked to go get erotic massages, Calvin Harris has officially stated that he himself is not that kind of masseur (meaning he is not an erogenous zone masseur).


Harris replied to Radar magazine and everyone else of the sort, by way of Twitter – “It’s not going to be a ‘happy ending’ …”, Calvin Harris expressed, “…for everyone I sue for defamation of character for all these bulls#@t stories bye bye.” This however might prove that Calvin Harris isn’t really actually going to do anything about it whatsoever, because why would you first post it on twitter, and not first just have your lawyers contact Radar magazine?


Calvin Harris’ public response might also might mean that the allegations against him are in fact true, thus he wants to sue because the allegations make Calvin Harris questionable to Taylor Swift. It’s also possible that Calvin Harris would like to avoid courtroom drama and expenses, by use of an open threat made public, posed to prove his innocence. Needless to say, this kind of public self-represented response is not commonly practiced (this instance being an obvious precautionary scenario as to why), probably because some fans have now viciously turned on Calvin Harris, and it could prove to be fatal (mainly because there is more of them than he). Celebrity Gossip