Nick Jonas & Shay Mitchell get steamy in new “Under You” video

In what looks like a very dramatic video, as is the teaser at least, Nick Jonas and Shay Mitchell have both recently posted a promo for the new Nick Jonas video “Under You”. The video stars both Nick Jonas and Shay Mitchell.


The teaser promo leaves fans hanging during a hot and steamy shower scene (even if the water was cold). This marks yet another music video collaboration by a male music artist with an actress and or model, and it’s really a tried and true fail safe kind of combo. Nick Jonas has also made videos with fellow music artist Tove Lo, and his most recent official ex-girlfriend Olivia Culpo was of course featured in the video “Jealous”.

Nick-Jonas-&-Shay-Mitchell-get-steamy-in-new-Under-You-videoNick-Jonas-&-Shay-Mitchell-get-steamy-in-new-Under-You-video5Nick-Jonas-&-Shay-Mitchell-get-steamy-in-new-Under-You-video4Nick-Jonas-&-Shay-Mitchell-get-steamy-in-new-Under-You-video3 Celebrity Gossip