Nick Jonas hints that he is for sure single and dating @ 'Kingdom' premiere

While in cast attendance to the Kingdom television show premiere recently (although he wasn’t wearing a cast and is obviously a better boxer than that), Nick Jonas gave an official statement to the press that he is for sure on the prowl.


“I’m definitely dating and hanging out. I am single, but I’m hanging out with people and just getting to know people and enjoying seeing what’s out there”, Jonas said. “The key to me is finding someone who has a great personality and brings something to the table. They have to inspire me in some way.” Was it a coincidence that he said this in front of his co-stars Natalie Martinez or possibly even Frank Grillo (as he said specifically said he was dating ‘people’, not women, as to hint that he might be dating guys too). Nick Jonas and Frank Grillo did seem kinda homo-erotically affectionate at the event. Celebrity Gossip