Nick Jonas and Kate Hudson seen out on date, Kate wanted to hold hands

As most Nick Jonas and or Kate Hudson fans are already completely aware, Nick Jonas and Kate Hudson are dating. This might be as shocking as it is (well there isn’t really a better word to add to that statement other than shocking).


Sighted while on a recent date in New York, it would appear however that Nick Jonas kinda wants to avoid holding hands with Kate Hudson in public (looking as though he was sneaking off to avoid it in front of cameras). None the less, Nick can now join that status of Muse front man Matt Bellamy, and baseball great A-Rod (Alex Rodríguez).


Even biking legend Lance Armstrong got some Kate Hudson. While the rumor is that Kate Hudson sought Nick Jonas out to date him, sources confirm they met at a party a few months ago where they first hit it off. Hudson is quite older than Nick Jonas’ previous girlfriends, and somewhat different than his usual type (women that make most other women cringe with jealousy, and lesson the need for Viagra in older men (other than the fact those women in the Viagra commercials on Hulu during Fallon needed to use lots of effing neck notion over the years) (psychological studies show that strait males are stimulated by their optical perception of the opposite sex). Dating Kate Hudson could make or break Nick Jonas’ future chances (unless he plans to drop out of the biz and decides to become a gold digger). Celebrity Gossip