Naomi Watts and Gina Gershon are obviously friends, seen out & about in NYC

Naomi Watts is of course known for movies like The Ring, King Kong, and Mulholland Drive, and is known for Gina Gershon for Face/Off, Bound, and Showgirls, although sometime fans of either or both Naomi Watts and or Gina Gershon probably didn’t know, is that they are friends.

Seen out & about together in New York recently, Naomi and Gina were seen lightly bundled from the New York chill while chillin’ together.

Gina Gershon and Naomi Watts are set for quite a few movies in 2017, including The Little Mermaid for Gina Gershon, and Ophelia, and Twin Peaks for Naomi Watts.

In total tally of movies, television, and voice overs so far, Gina Gershon beats Naomi Watts out with a whopping 124 projects, whereas Naomi Watts has a tally or 77. Better hurry and catch up Naomi Watts! Celebrity Gossip