Model & Actress Emily Ratajkowski totally dissed Jimmy Kimmel’s mom after Emmys

Supposedly (although it was probably only part of a skit) Jimmy Kimmel’s mom made peanut butter & jelly sandwiches for the crowd at the Emmys, and Emily Ratajkowski told TMZ that she regretted eating hers.


Jimmy Kimmel, the little kids of the show Stranger Things, and of course other people (since there was 7000 of them to be handed out) dispersed the PB&Js at the event. Later on however after the event Emily Ratajkowski dissed Kimmel’s mom’s PB&J chefery.  “You know what I had one too many bites actually, that I regret all of”, Emily said on camera to TMZ, “They weren’t that good”.


Emily then went on to say that she did however ‘appreciate the effort’.


Ratajkowski was accompanied to the 2016 Emmys by the fashion designer Zac Posen (who also of course designed her gown).

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