Miley Cyrus thinks doubles her chewing gum as silly putty on Today Show

Miley Cyrus is of course one of the most famous and popular music artists in the world right now, and not to mention she’s also one of the new vocal coaches on this hit NBC show The Voice, and she gave a pretty awesome music performance recently …


… on The Tonight Show w/Jimmy Fallon that probably even made people who weren’t previously into country music start liking it at least some. That said, she has some pretty disgusting chewing gum habits although.


Recently while making and appearance on the Today Show in New York, Miley deciding that not only was she going to chew some gum, she was going to also use it for some silly putty style action also.


It’s not known if Miley Cyrus then saved her gum behind her ear for later.

miley-cyrus-thinks-doubles-her-chewing-gum-as-silly-putty-on-today-show-2miley-cyrus-thinks-doubles-her-chewing-gum-as-silly-putty-on-today-show-5 Celebrity Gossip