Miley Cyrus is set to take over the Tonight Show w/Jimmy Fallon for a night this Friday

You can only imagine what is in store for The Tonight Show w/Jimmy Fallon this Friday, because Jimmy has asked Miley Cyrus to take over the show for a night and do whatever she wants. Sure to be one of the craziest shows yet, The Tonight Show starring Miley Cyrus should be interesting.


What to expect? Probably just about anything and of course probably even the unexpected. Also it’s not like Miley does have any experience having a whole show to herself, she did host the 2015 MTV Music Awards. Miley has of course been on The Tonight Show w/Jimmy Fallon a number of times in the past.

miley-cyrus-is-set-to-take-over-the-tonight-show-wjimmy-fallon-for-a-night-this-friday-2miley-cyrus-is-set-to-take-over-the-tonight-show-wjimmy-fallon-for-a-night-this-friday-1miley-cyrus-is-set-to-take-over-the-tonight-show-wjimmy-fallon-for-a-night-this-friday-3 Celebrity Gossip