Michael Strahan likes sexy bad-girls as his girlfriends

No she’s not just a character on Orange Is The New Black, she’s an actual criminal, and she’s Michael Strahan‘s new girlfriend. Here name is Kayla Quick, and that even sounds like a bad-ass criminal name. Seen together on a weekend getaway in St. Barts recently, Strahan and Quick seem pretty in love, and definitely enjoying each other’s company.

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Strahan had previously revealed that he was “in a serious relationship” on Watch What Happens Live, although not that his new love had a criminal record of disorderly conduct, jewelry theft, and working as a bar maid while underage.

Michael-Strahan-likes-sexy-bad-girls-as-his-girlfriends (2)

That’s a bad girl alright, and that must be Michael Strahan’s style. Style wise it isn’t all that too much different from girls who like guys with allot of tattoos, as not until only a few years ago were excessive tattoos a common thing other than for ex-convicts and or bikers. Strahan is probably something of a correctional officer that Kayla fell in love with.

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