Meet The Parents : George Clooney warming up to his soon to be inlaws

Lake Como being the possibly proposed location for the knot tieing, George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin where seen dinning at La Colombera restaurant with Amal’s immediate family recently, probably in order to discuss wedding plans. It’s also a great possibility that they’ll wed at George Cloony’s mansion, although pedestrians are banned …


… from stopping on the road outside of it and not plausible photos have been taken to prove or give credence to any such talk. The wedding plans are obviously still progressing forward for George & Amal however, Clooney married once before, Amal …


… never previously married. Amal Alamuddin never previously being married, poses the question of being “in-love” thus getting married possibly being only actually emotional co-dependency, trapping, fear of rejection, or just maintaining a sure thing other than porn and your own hand.


Other than that, there are plenty of travel companions George Clooney could easily acquire even while traveling, so Amal Alamuddin must be something special other than a close friend and George Clooney has a great deal in common with. Celebrity Gossip