Mark Wahlberg congratulates Justin Bieber about nude vacation pics

Only days after Justin Bieber‘s nude vacation pictures hit the internet, the Biebs ran into fellow Calvin Klein underwear model Mark Wahlberg while out and about in Los Angeles.


Bieber and Wahlberg had a moment, although sources confirm that Mark Wahlberg went into explicit detail about just how much he liked Justin Bieber’s nude vacation pictures, almost to the point where it was an uncomfortable situation. Sources confirm that Mark Wahlberg then set in his car for at least 5 minutes, looking at something on his cellphone (and it was probably Justin Bieber’s nude vacation pics). Bieber’s play buddy Hailey Baldwin was on the scene also, and it was pretty obvious that Mark Wahlberg seemed to kinda make her somewhat bothered.


Bieber was sporting the marijuana or Chinese maple leaf socks, pink marijuana or Chinese maple leaf socks at that.

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