Marion Cotillard gets swarmed by fans in Paris

Marion Cotillard is a well known actress all the around the world, however when she hits her home turf for a premiere, it’s even more of an event. The motion picture It’s Only the End of the World recently made it’s debut in Paris, the city where Marion Cotillard was born, and the fans showed up in hordes.


That’s not to say however that bond girl Lea Seydoux (who was also born in Paris France, and who is now pregnant herself) wasn’t the star of the occasion also though. Both Lea and Marion star in the It’s Only the End of the World (set for a September 21 release), as well as Vincent Cassel.


Cotillard is also set to star along side Michael Fassbender and Jeremy Irons in the movie adaptation of the popular video game Assassin’s Creed (set to hit theaters December 21).


It’s Only the End of the World plot synopsis: Louis (played by Gaspard Ulliel), a terminally ill writer, returns home after a long absence to tell his family that he is dying.

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