Maria Sharapova’s vs. Hannah Davis’ style @ US Open tennis promotional events is quite different

The US Open is in full effect, and thus the stars of tennis are on the endorsement campaign trail. 2 people that Sports Illustrated fans probably recognize right way are US tennis pro Maria Sharapova, and supermodel & Caribbean National tennis champion Hannah Davis. That said, fans of either and or both have probably noticed their promotional event styles.


First we have Hannah Davis, promoting Tommy Hilfiger at the Tommy Hilfiger Rafael Nadal Launch Global Ambassadorship. Hannah Davis’ style was Tommy Hilfiger tennis gear such as tennis shorts, wrist bands, a sexy unbuttoned polo shirt, and sunglasses (however although stylish, Tommy Hilfiger sunglasses should probably not be actually worn while playing in a tennis match of course).


Then there is Maria Sharapova at the Nike Street Tennis event recreation of a famous 1990’s tennis advertisement. Maria Sharapova went with the traditional sexy tennis skirt look (Nike brand of course), although Maria Sharapova decided to take somewhat of a flashy approach while obviously advertising Nike underwear also. Celebrity Gossip