Margot Robbie and Amber Heard aren’t cool with each other rumors Johnny Depp related?

Previously Margot Robbie was spotted meeting up with her Suicide Squad co-star Cara Delevingne and Amber Heard in London for a Rolling Stones art event, and as it would appear Margot Robbie and or Amber Heard is standoffish of one another.


Recently Robbie was seen wearing a Cry Baby jacket, Cry Baby being a musical play adaptation of the motion picture Cry Baby that starred Johnny Depp.


Margot Robbie soon after attended a New York Rangers hockey game in New York, without her boyfriend Tom Ackerley. Robbie has been seen without her boyfriend quite allot lately (although Ackerley is not currently working as a second second second assistant director and or additional third assistant director …


… (like he did on Brothers Grimsby or Macbeth) or as a director, and it’s possible that Margot Robbie and Tom Ackerley are taking some time apart.


It’s also possible that Margot might be considering or wants to date Johnny Depp, and or is still a fan or possible just a fan of the play Cry Baby. Celebrity Gossip