Looks like one of the perks of Amber Heard dating Elon Musk is a Tesla

It’s actually really possible that Amber Heard already drove a Tesla before she recently began dating multi-billionaire Elon Musk (as there are plenty of celebrities that drive Teslas) …

… however now it’s pretty much like she’s wearing a t-shirt of her new superstar DJ boyfriend by cruising around in a Tesla.

Net worth $13.9 billionaire Elon Musk is product architect of Tesla Inc (so it’s kinda like he made Amber Heard a gift) (although only one of his many accomplishments including founder / CEO / and CTO of SpaceX, co-founder, CEO / founder and CEO of Neuralink, co-founder and chairman of SolarCity; co-chairman of OpenAI, co-founder of Zip2, and founder of X.com – which merged with Confinity and took the name PayPal).

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