Looks like Camp Mockingjay has some pretty cool counselors!

So you’re off to summer camp, your expecting the usual, although when you show up, Jennifer Lawrence & Liam Hemsworth are some of the counselors! There are probably quite a few people that would sign-up for that camp! Okay, well sorry to disappoint, there isn’t really a summer camp where the cast of The Hunger Games are counselors, although they have gone camping together (at least fictionally for a comedy bit on MTV’s After Hours).


Being one with nature seems to make Liam Hemsworth want to get kinda relationship serious, as he’s already hinting that Jennifer Lawrence should wear a different ring.


Looks like when JLAW goes on a camping trip with friends, maybe there is the possibility of inclusive benefits with friends.


Catch all the hilarious antics from MTV’s After Hours (Camp Mockingjay) on youtube. And of course go see The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2!

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