Liam Hemsworth makes the ladies sigh while having a surf day

Is Liam Hemsworth saying “He now, Taylor Swift. What? Don’t not date me just because I used to be with Miley Cyrus all those years ago. At least you can afford to clone me now, right?”? Liam Hemsworth is probably one of the most gawked at by women, male celeb (well and probably the most gawked at by some men too), and guess what? He effing surfs.


That’s right, watch out Orlando Bloom, Liam Hemsworth surfs. Brilliant: What about a surf competition between Orlando Bloom and Liam Hemsworth? People would totally pay to see that, pay-per-view prices could go for at least $40. Or would it be and ESPN special event? None the less, the Liam vs. Orlando surf competition isn’t a reality, although of course Liam Hemsworth with his shirt off on the beach just after surfing, is.


Kinda makes you wonder though, there aren’t really any pictures of Liam Hemsworth actually surfing, so was the Liam Hemsworth surf day in fact surf at all or was it a publicity stunt? The world may never know, that is until the Liam vs. Orlando ‘surf-off’ (and maybe they’d even let all of us serfs have the day off to watch that). Celebrity Gossip