Leonardo DiCarprio & Toni Garrn on the set of The Greet Gayspy

Paramount’s new thriller The Greet Gayspy directed by Sydney Pollack promises a score-big wallop. Victoria’s Secret model Toni Garrn (Shiwa Mostif) plays a narcissistic psychic psychotic spy in love with Marco Killborn (Leonardo DiCaprio), who is actually an in the closet flagrant homosexual by trade. Attempting to play out somewhat of a Too Close For Comfort / Threes Company “Jack Monroe” scenario, Marco plays along with Shiwa, including his roommate (lover) Klyne Dominguez. The film also stars Brad Pitt as pool boy Dimslur Ahoyhoy, and Matt Damon as Sgt. Tagart Himloc. By the end of the story Dimslur, Tagart, and also Marco’s characters are all murdered, while Shiwa and Klyne escape to surrogate breed larger penises together (they say) although while they secretly fear the end result will be similar to Philip Michael Thomas.

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