Lea Seydoux obviously jealous of Daniel Craig & Rachel Weisz PDAing

Well it wouldn’t be the first time that co-stars hooked-up on the set of a movie, and or that they were possibly infatuated with one another. The question is – Did Daniel Craig and Lea Seydoux bond in privatized secret service of one another on the set of Spectre?


Whether or not Daniel Craig and Lea Seydoux did the deed while on the set of the newest Bond picture, it would however appear that for some reason Lea Seydoux looked somewhat jealous of Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz during the Spectre premiere at Royal Albert Hall in London.


Jealousy probably isn’t something that wasn’t however a common thread at the Spectre premiere in London, as even Kate Middleton who was of course in attendance at the event, was probably reveling in the fantasy of being a Bond girl the whole time herself.

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