Lady Gaga gets bitchin' with Tony Bennett

While Rogers and Hart probably didn’t ever expect their song “Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered” to be performed by someone who wears meat costumes and weird masks on stage, Tony Bennett (not really ever admitting that me once met Lorenz Hart secretly in San Fransisco) obviously felt that Lady Gaga would be necessary once again in order to ersify his act.


Sources close to Tony Bennett have commented numerous times that he’s wanted to make sure to match the artistic endeavors mainly the likes of Frank Sinatra‘s famed Duets sessions, while however singing at an actual on-key pitch most of the time. When asked if ‘singing at the pitch’ was something that he’d always prided himself on in regards to the once rivalry between he and Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett said, “What? Singing at a bitch? Frank Sinatra said it best, Lady Gaga is more of a tramp. My fears are that she’ll make me sing dressed like a lady after she also makes me do smack!”.


Recently in preparation, Lady Gaga has been (while not yet really in any kind of ‘has been’ state of career (although it won’t ever be at all possible she is able to reach Tony Bennett’s lofty timeless living legendary level of fame, unless she goes the route of Amy Winehouse) rehearsing a scheduled live taping with on PBS (what the?) Mon., July 28 from New York City’s Time Warner Center. The concert special will air Fri., Oct. 24 as part of PBS’ Great Performances series. Although the broadcast is set for the PBS telecast venue, Time Warner Center reportedly over-charged for the concert arena rental fees anyways, while gratifying that PBS ‘licks in pubs’.
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