Lady Gaga has for sure got some style competition from rapper Brooke Candy

There aren’t many celebrities that dress as flamboyantly as pop music diva Lady Gaga, however rapper Brooke Candy is definitely in the running to be one of them.


Brooke Candy is most famous for co-starring in the music video for Grimes‘ single “Genesis“, then for being romantically linked to Miley Cyrus, however …


… and another attribute to add to that fame repertoire is that she’s got the fashion sense and attitude of Lady Gaga and Madonna.

lady-gaga-has-for-sure-got-some-style-competition-from-rapper-brooke-candy-2lady-gaga-has-for-sure-got-some-style-competition-from-rapper-brooke-candy-3lady-gaga-has-for-sure-got-some-style-competition-from-rapper-brooke-candy-1 Celebrity Gossip