Lady Gaga hangs with Bradley Cooper while Irina Shayk is out shopping

Lady Gaga had been spotted on the back of Bradley Cooper‘s Ducati motorcycle a time or two out and about in Hollywood, and however the rumors were that she and Bradley Cooper had a project in the works together.

At that time Gaga was in fact still dating Taylor Kinney, and Bradley was dating Irina Shayk (whom he has recently impregnated).

Lady Gaga has been seen over at Bradley Cooper’s house quite a few times, however it when Irina Shayk is away, or that is Gaga and Irina haven’t been seen simul-Bradley Cooper as of yet.

The reality is that Gaga and Cooper are probably just good friends, however celebrities have been known to lead open relationships.

Not showing at all just yet, Irina Shayk’s most recent fashion editorial is for the January 2017 edition of Vogue Brazil. Celebrity Gossip