Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper officially set for ‘A Star Is Born’ Sept 2018

Lady Gaga has been seen leaving Bradley Coopers home in Los Angeles quite allot lately, and there were rumors that they were and are a side item with each other from back when Lady Gaga was with Tayler Kinney 

… and Bradley Cooper with (still, and is set to be her baby daddy) Irina Shayk, however they’ve only been working on the preliminaries of  Coopers directorial debut, the 5th remake / reboot of A Star Is Born.

So it’s pretty obvious that at this point they are working on lines and maybe doing some casting considerations. So far only Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga are attached (as the leads of course), although no other cast members have been announced. Bradley Cooper’s rendition of A Star Is Born is set to hit theaters in Sept 2018. Celebrity Gossip