Kyra Sedgwick almost has a Marilyn Monroe moment, Kevin Bacon thinks it’s hilarious

Celebrities close can avoid wardrobe malfunctions quite allot (with only about a 60% percent success rate usually however, to the elation of quite a few of their fans usually although).

Singles star Kyra Sedgwick joins the club of those who were able to avoid wardrobe misshaps, and it looked the it took quite allot of effort to in the recent gusty west coast winds.

Recently while out and about in Los Angeles with her husband Kevin Bacon, a swift gust of wind came about abruptly and almost sent Kyra Sedgwick dress blowing up like the famous Marilyn Monroe scene in The Seven Year Itch.

Kyra Sedgwick’s Marilyn Monroe moment was definitely amusing to her husband Kevin Bacon, as he watched his smirks and laughs while they were getting into their Tesla.

Kyra didn’t got full on Marilyn Monroe however, and was able to keep her dress down, although celebrity wardrobe malfunction fans still got a good look at her toned legs in the process. Kyra Sedgwick upcoming movies are After Darkness and Submission. Kevin Bacon is set to star in the July 23 2017 television movie Story of a Girl. Celebrity Gossip