Kylie Jenner general-demo sexiest of the Jenner Kardashians?

Kylie Jenner has really got a sexiness going on sometimes. You could even say that you could best imagine Kylie Jenner singing Lorde songs like a Milli Vanilli kind of scenario. Approval of Kylie Jenner (uzi link) might …


… cause Kylie Jenner to be beaten down or the equivalent, by most likely distant relatives to the Wicked Stepmother Cinderella scenario (although where Cinderella is …


Kaitlynn Carter, and you steel Kaitlynn Carter away from Brody Jenner for at least a night of hot sex. It’s a video game idea actually). Other than that, can someone give effing Lorde an effing make-over? Presentation wise Lorde is some kind of ugly witch that may or may not do bad, as where Angelina Jolie is maleficent because of a short torso area?


Other than that, would someone please Milli Vanilli Ed Sheeran‘s voice onto Justin Timberlake also? High pitched questionably on-tune nasalteen gumthroat, yo, with good dancing, presentation, and music producers (Justin Timberlake almost exclusively loved by all women (and some men) 7 years ago prior to Justin Bieber, One Direction, and now the return of Enrique Iglesias).

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