Kinda seems dangerous, but Kate Upton plays tennis

Usually Kate Upton appears to avoid jogging mainly as to not get black eyes (from her boobs hitting her in the face and such), although it looks like she does play tennis regardless. As non-dangerous as that may seem, (like maybe you think you get a tennis ball to the head or something, or you accidentally clock yourself with your tennis racket or slip) …


… there is a high percentage possibility that Kate Upton could get a boobs to face concussion or a broken nose of something. You have to take into account that Kate’s bra size is a 34DD, and really the only exercise that probably doesn’t have the possibility of Kate getting knocked out by her breasts is swimming


… (because of course she might be allot more floaty due to her boobs). Are those buoys in front of Kate Upton while she’s swiming? No those are her boob buoys.

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