Kim Kardashian’s robbery fiasco definitely affected public appearances

As most people know, Kim Kardashian was robbed during Paris Fashion Week 2016 in France. Not only was Kim Kardashian robbed, she was robbed at gunpoint by 5 assailants who zip tied her and threw her in a bathtub while they raided the joint for valuables. Eventually getting away with $10mil in jewels, Kim was left unharmed at the scene of the crime, however since then she’s kept it really low key (which probably only makes Kim Kardashian haters wish it could happen again).


It’s definitely not like Kim Kardashian to keep a low profile, she’s one of the most famous reality television personalities in history, and can be snapped by photo at random on any given day out and about around Los Angeles.


Kim was seen in attendance during a few Kanye West concerts, however very discretely and away from public view, as her sister Kourtney Kardashian was seen although in the limelight as usual.


Kim Kardashian allegedly recently liked a tweet of and article about Calvin Harris‘s Taylor Swift dissing, allegedly then soon after sparking rapper Drake (who is now down with Taylor Swift obviously …


… as she was seen in attendance at this 30th birthday party although along with Katy Perry and John Mayer also) to text Kanye asking him to ‘tell his girl to back off Taylor‘. If true, that probably only made it worse though. Celebrity Gossip