Kim Kardashian rushed up on and clipped by a man while leaving a Mr. Chow in LA

Kim Kardashian is no stranger to having fans approach her for autographs and up-close and personal selfies, although now it looks like she’s becoming no stranger to possible non-fans coming up and being mischievous.

Although of course it was completely lost in the haze after Kim Kardashian was zip tied and robbed at her apartment in Paris, only days before that Vitalii Sediuk (famous for his similar and more extreme antics with other celebrities) attempted to grab Kim by the waist and literally kiss her butt, and now Kim has been ‘brushed up on‘  …

… by a guy wearing a backpack while she was leaving Mr. Chow restaurant in Los Angeles. While instantly the rumors were that the man had attacked or had attempted to attack Kim Kardashian, she then soon after gave an official statement to her fans on Twitter stating that the man had merely ‘walked near’ and ‘almost bumped into’ her.

Photos of the incident tell a somewhat different story although, as the man obviously made contact with Kim. One possibility of course is that they guy was maybe drunk and blinded by camera flashes, while another is that he’s actually a total Kim Kardashian hater, possibly threatening a bomb in his backpack or something. Yikes. Celebrity Gossip