Kim Kardashian rubs butt on side of car door

While some say that Kim Kardashian‘s fame is fleeting (thus possibly why Kim Kardashian made sure to marry Kanye West and or vise versa although also as opposed to babydaddyism (growing the population (lessening space) regardless of quality for the sake of their own happiness, thus creating the need for money as it were, mainly for protection against non-desirable advancement), Kim Kardashian probably has the ability to always find ways (publicity stunts) to fascinate the public, regardless.

Kim Kardashian scratching butt on car door

For instance, recently Kim Kardashian was seen rubbing up against the side of a car door for at least 20 seconds. Did Kim Kardashian have an itch? Does Kim Kardashian like that bitch-ass Naziesque looking Mercedes SUV that much? Or maybe Kim Kardashian just likes to even give the sides of car doors some butt love. Celebrity Gossip