Kim Kardashian is back after jewelry robbery following her butt thomp, now with no security?

Kim Kardashian‘s second incident was so horrific that obviously it lead her to welcome an incident similar to Kim’s┬áprevious incident.

kim-kardashian-is-back-after-her-jewelry-robbery-following-her-butt-thomp-however-with-now-no-security-5In a business day weeks time, not only did Kim Kardashian have a surprise butt massage, she was soon after robbed of $10Mill in jewels in what was obviously a planned burglary during Kim stint as Paris Fashion Week 2016.


Kim Kardashian has relented however from using bodyguards while going out in public soon after, and she has instead kept with only her personal assistants for some reason.


This could mean that Kim has in fact fired her bodyguard Pascal Duvier (was he that effing qualified, WTF!), who has recently been a suspect in her robberies (as well as either Kendall Jenner and or Kourtney Kardashian who for some reason required him specifically as both of their bodyguards for the night).


the reason, Kim Kardashian is looking good and even throwing the peace sign in double time, so that is definitely a fuck you to any strife she’s recently undergone.

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